Monday, May 6, 2013

Critical art mass.

So my folder of pieces/work in progress shots/doodles to potentially post to this blog reached critical mass and I had to trim it from about 50 things to 40 that is succinct enough... uh, right? Right.

Let's open with some Avarice Industries work, as I haven't had a chance to post anything Avarice related here for awhile! This will be a two page spread in the eventual game book.

To continue to inject a taste of process into my blog, here's a look at how I go about adding shading to pieces like this. I tend to short hand flesh with a warmer. gray-red hue and inanimate objects with a colder, gray-blue hue, though this varies depending on the color schemes involved. The shading layer is then set to "multiply" to blend with the flat colors I laid out below, and set as a clipping group restricted to the flats layer.

Closer view of the same region above.

Here's the beginnings of what will be a very long-term project, a cover art/poster illustration for a client's story in progress. They requested I start by working with the background environment, so that has been the focus so far.

Having a lot of fun with textures and overgrowth. Painting in a variety of alien ferns, vines, moss, and lichen consuming the rubble.

Character portrait for a commissioner of a mystical dragon archer. 7 hours, Paint Tool SAI.

 Have done a few refined sketches as of late. I have a hard time resisting the addition of some amount of grayscale toning, just to give them a more finished look.
This particular character belongs to my excellent friend Sasha, and those stairs remind me of the Main building at MICA. That's more or less my go-to place mentally when picturing fancy banisters, and so I couldn't help but allude to them.

And now for our regularly schedule recent helping of "quick color" commissions. Getting paid to draw a fierce Wonder Woman was delightful.

In the continued vein of superheros, kind of... a Thunder Chakat. Much amusement was had.


Getting a bit more comfortable with armor. Kirin gal.


The saddest, wettest chakat.

Flygon I was commissioned to draw for a Pokemon league Boss Battle at a game store.

While I'm trouncing through various IPs - the Leanansidhe, otherwise known as Lea, Harry Dresden's faeire godmother. This unlike all the other images so far was not a commission, but rather the prize requested by the winner of my third livestream Dresden Files Trivia session. The next one will be on May 27th! If anyone reading this blog would like to participate, drop me a comment and I will gladly point you in the right direction.

Anddd a crop from that big Battlestar Galactica themed commission I took on with 11 participants. Still been working on this every week - getting there!

To toss in a few other work in progress crops, these are from a big rave scene commission. I rather like working with all these colored lights.

That hind paw where the yellow, green, and red converge in particular feels good to me. When I continue this piece I hope I can manipulate the colors to pop to that degree throughout.

Here's a mysterious crop of a painting I cannot fully share, but I really did fancy how it turned out. Only spent about 2.5 hours per character and I surprised myself.

 So I decided speed painting was an exercise I wanted to regularly pursue and began offering literal one hour, set-on-a-timer, artistic freedom speedpaints where I am tossed a commissioner's character and have to immediately react with art.

These were my first three guinea pigs. People loved them, so I have begun offering them at least one day a week on the spot in stream, or randomly whenever I want to loosen up.

I am shamelessly addicted to rim lighting right now. It's an artistic phase I guess, and how I am most likely to respond in order to make a character "pop" in the one hour time limit.

This character's name is "Wavelength". Seemed appropriate. I loved this one.

Etc etc. You get the picture. I couldn't help but post a lot of them though, I have been really enjoying myself with these. I hope to start working up to bolder and bolder ideas to fit into the hour. It's tricky because I still want to produce an image the commissioner enjoys, given that there's money involved, artistic freedom or no.

 I started letting people grab 2 or 3 hour timed slots if they wanted slightly more detail or to toss me multiple characters. This was 2 hours timed.

SPACE IS FOR LOVERS. Also yes that shameless addiction to colored lighting and rim lighting? Nebula-like backdrops are perfect quick excuses for such a thing.

Another quick commission, though not a speedpaint in quite the vein of the onslaught above. This was imagery specified by the customer, but perpetrated in 5 hours total.

Going to wrap this post up with a smattering of fun personal art. One day in stream I accidentally produced a pupperfly. I was just warming up by drawing puppies because puppies are adorable and easy to draw... and then the conversation led one to sprout a set of butterfly wings, and away I went.

A old roleplaying character of mine, Thing, originally a Mewtwo/demon hybrid, here depicted as a "Mewthree". Painted in a little over three hours.

My fuzzy lurcher face. I am getting more attached/accustomed to my new personal character and I like doodling and speed painting her sometimes.

That's all until next time, folks! I need to get to bed. An unexpected trip threw off my new diurnal schedule a bit, have to snap back to it this week.

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