Saturday, January 19, 2013

Here it goes, here it goes, here it goes again.

Time to keep up with the ol' blogosphere.

This month I am participating in a "30 Day Art Improvement Challenge" with a couple of friends! Today is day 7. You can see the blog of our collective efforts on that score over yonder:

14-hour painting commission for a very nice client and his fiancĂ©. Very enjoyable to create, I love a good opportunity for colored-light scenarios. :)

An adorable 3-panel comic commission. Tamper with thermostat, receive cuddles!

Colored sketch commissions in general retain their popularity among my clients everyday. Here are a few of many, per the usual.

Personal doodle. My more hound-y persona is fun to work with sometimes; all the long limbs... I've been trying to run daily myself as well, to reach a similar state. Or at least to avoid purchasing too many new pants. Sitting in front of a computer drawing all day every day does not a toned individual make.

I also recently re-engineered my price sheet. Very anthropomorphic-focused, as that's where the majority of my money comes from! Again, say what you will about furries, but they are generally fantastic people and enable me to survive as a freelance artist.