Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Busy busy busy.

Dearest Art Blogosphere, please forgive my negligence in updating you! I've been so busy making artwork that I forget to share it in all the appropriate places. I would correct the error in my ways presently, but... in literally an hour from now I will be heading out to Dragon*Con! So for now, just have three random recent pieces, and I will do a longer update later on. :)

Commission in which I was instructed to illustrate a cyberpunk foxtaur manipulating glowy screenage with an entourage of drones. So here we have it! I really really enjoyed working on this one. 12 hours, Paint Tool SAI and Adobe Photoshop CS3.

Commission in which I was asked to design a spaceship based on a few loose specifications! This was a fairly intense project (inking mechanical objects can take a small eternity) and new territory for me to boot, as I have drawn starships before but never designed one myself. SAI and Photoshop again.

Artistic freedom commission in which I could do whatever with this fellow's fox character - I decided I wanted to play with/study water reflections! 6 hours, all Paint Tool SAI.

As ever, if one wants to see my artwork appear more rapidly, a good chunk of it winds up in my FurAffinity gallery. So check that out for more artwork I've popped out since last time.

Onward to Georgia! When I get back, remind me to swap out a lot of the content in my main portfolio too. It's been awhile.