Wednesday, May 8, 2013

And now for something completely different.

Rather than my recent pattern of making one huge art blog update each month, I thought perhaps it might be nice to make smaller, more frequent updates instead. So let's see if I can get in the habit of doing so every couple days.

5 hour artistic freedom painting commission. 
The commissioner gave me this felitaur character and let me do whatever I wanted. I recalled seeing several photos of snow leopards jumping and climbing around on rocky mountain cliffs and was inspired to do a mountain backpacking theme. I suppose taurs have an easier time carrying their camping gear around than most. :)

The beginnings of a new commission from stream today. 3.5 hours of work so far. This will be interesting to continue working into! Lab-grown chakats are being set free by that dragon fellow.

Since 90% of what I am commissioned to do is for furries, I tend to not draw other subject matter as often as I would like. After stream today I decided to speedpaint a human portrait.

I picture Karrin Murphy from the Dresden Files as looking somewhat like Kate Lockley from Angel, so I based a lot of this likeness off her. This how I picture Murph. Mostly. The nose should be smaller, in hindsight. I'll give her a smaller nose next time. Harry's descriptions of Murph often emphasize her button nose. Whoops.

Time taken: listening to "The Trapeze Swinger" by Iron & Wine three times, so... about 30 minutes.

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