Monday, April 1, 2013

Need not forget about this!

Been a little while since I have updated this blog! Lots of art to share.

I finally finished this painting - for interest's sake I thought it might be good to share my very initial underpainting. Process is important.

Here's the final product. Dungeons & Disrobing, oh my. There's definitely something rewarding about the opportunity to work in traditional mediums now and then! Acrylic paint and prismacolor pencil perpetrated on 16x12 matte board.

Speaking of working in traditional mediums, lately I have had the pleasure of revisiting my major and working on an animation for a commissioner, so out came ye olde lightbox and acme pegboard. Expect a .swf of the result embedded in my next blog update.

Mostly, though, I've been doing the digital thing and clocking quite a bit of time streaming. Here's a 'studio portrait' style painting of characters for a commissioner. I do love me some digital painting.

Here's a detail shot. I go a bit mad with fur texture when my commissioners allow me the opportunity to do so! The whole piece took 20 hours, so 5 per character.

Mostly folks are still all about purchasing my "quick colors", which consist of refined sketches with flats and some light multiply/luminosity shading. I guess because they are fast and very affordable means to realize a finished-looking depiction of their characters. They can be original characters...

...or MMO characters...

...characters cosplaying other characters (this is sabercat cosplaying Harry Dresden!)...

...illustrations of earmarks in a roleplaying character's life (aw baby chakat so cute dang)...

...the commissioner using their character to express love of other properties (zergling belly rub!)...

My commissioners come up with all kinds of themes. Often I do wind up drawing chakats and taurs in general, since I incidentally stumbled across that niche awhile back. Still far from complaining. All these cat-taurs pay my bills. Sometimes people pay for real backgrounds on quick colors such as in the image above, which is always enjoyable for me.

And sometimes... ...dear god what happened here. I guess you shouldn't be allowed to play twister if you exceed four limbs.

You get the picture. Mostly chakats, mostly with large breasts. I totally try to draw more realistic breasts first  sometimes and folks often request an upsize. Funbags pay! Don't judge me, I have student loans. I have a few more of these I could share but I think you get the picture. I appreciate all the work. Furries are the best.

Paintings start off a lot like quick colors and then careen in a different direction.

I still love getting commissioned for paintings most of all. 15 hours total here, Paint Tool SAI per my usual weapon of choice. I believe the ship is a "Hornet" as per some new spin off of the Wing Commander series?

And now for something completely different, here's some sketch process for Avarice Industries stuff. First I throw together a very rough sketch and send it along for approval.

Once I receive a list of changes I make them and refine the sketches. This is now in the process of inking. I should set aside some time from livestreams to get this one finished up during the upcoming week.

Held a second Dresden Files trivia session for fun in stream again this month, too. The winner requested to see "Sharkface", the Outsider He Who Walks Before from Cold Days.

Sometimes people request ponies.

Token personal doodle of the blog update, in which I was 'digging for meaning' because I had a week of existential crisis. Art counts as therapy.

Oh! On a really neat note, Jonneh had those icons I painted for us printed as a card playmat. The quality set gears turning in my head. I might set aside some time to paint a few fantasy images with the intention of printing playmats to sell at Anthrocon in July.

I saved my most recent painting as an ending note. This is precisely why you do not invite foxes to fancy parties. Fairly pleased with how some of the textures worked out on this one. 18 hours, Paint Tool SAI.

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