Friday, January 27, 2012

The Witch of Space and Knight of Time.

Today I decided to do a bit more on another piece of Homestuck-related art I had been casually poking at, and declared it finished for the time being. So, have a picture of Dave Strider and Jade Harley getting their cuddle on. (Characters are copyright Andrew Hussie, etc.)

Also, the internal pages of my website are all laid out now. Yay! Here's a preview of one. Site will be fully functional soon.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Splash page, sketches.

Here's the splash image I made for my new portfolio website, along with two different versions of the recent Avarice piece that I elected to place in it.

Oceanic Alien.

Alien I designed yesterday on a whim. Inspired by a mismash of deep sea creatures and insects. Mechanical pencil on sketchbook paper.

I like cuddles.

Cuddles I painted about a week ago verses cuddles I painted about a year ago. Thought it was kind of interesting to see side by side.

I guess I like depicting myself as a large fictional species (winter wolf, from the 2nd Ed. AD&D Monstrous Manual) and my boyfriendcreaturethings as tiny non-fictional species when painting personal sappy stuff. Psychologists, have your field day.

Avarice Industries.

I do a lot of character art for an in-progress tabletop RPG, Avarice Industries. Here are some samplings of work I have done for that.

Sunlight, moonlight.

Commissions. Paint Tool SAI.



Holiday themed commissions.

I did a large number of winter/holiday themed commissions this season, as that's a thing the peoples of the internet desire. Here are a few of them. All done in Paint Tool SAI.

The Road.

This is another style of commission I offer, though I am not as fond of it as my paintings. Commission. 6 hours, Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop.

Another random selection of doodles.

Worthy of Survival.

Commission. 5 hours, Paint Tool SAI.

BFFs in the TARDIS.

My best friends and I as animalthings wearing bowties in the TARDIS, because that's how cool kids hang out. Indeterminate amount of time, Paint Tool SAI.

Tinkerbull and Black Romance.

So uh, yeah I like that Homestuck thing kind of a good amount. I forget the time that went into these, but, fanart. More Paint Tool SAI.

Homestuck and related characters are copyright Andrew Hussie.

In Flight.

Commission. 7 hours, Paint Tool SAI.

We're runnin' with blood on our knees.

Commission. 9 hours, Paint Tool SAI.

Sketch Commissions.

A large chunk of my freelance work right now comes from individuals in the "furry" fandom. Say what you will about them, but they pay the bills! Here are a few sketches from a large run of traditional sketch commissions I did. More frequently, I run Livestreams in which clients such as these commission on-the-spot digital sketches and paintings for an hourly rate. I've churned out hundreds of anthropomorphic sketches per these commissioners' wishes over the past several months.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Feeling through doodling.

"Don't Stop". 30 min, Paint Tool SAI.

"Broken". 30 min, Paint Tool SAI.

"Space & Time". 30 min, Paint Tool SAI.

Sometimes all I really need to get something out of my system is a half hour with my tablet. In fact, it is the best thing. I like to express myself with canine figures, probably because they are the creatures that got me to start drawing in the first place at the age of ten. I would carry a book of Jim Dutcher's wolf photography around at school and re-draw each image, a curious fixation for a kid who at the time did not believe she could draw. Now at twenty-two, I cannot survive a day without drawing/painting/sculpting something. The urge to create is strong.

Trying out an art blargh.

Hello, world.

Right, so. Introductions. I have one of those name things that parents are fantastic enough to gift you after you pop out into the world. Mine is Anya Rose Ewing. I am an animator, illustrator, and seamstress living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. I support myself freelance by drawing and building costumes. As such, my commute presently consists of the four feet between my bed and my desk, though I would love to someday work as part of a larger creative team, especially in either the game or film industries. I decided to try out maintaining an art blog, because it struck me as a decent notion to post artwork somewhere other than art-gallery-community-type-sites. So. Blogger. Not the classiest, but I am not a classy lady. I am an art hobo. But a step above LiveJournal and Tumblr, yes?

I will begin with a smattering of drawings and commissions from the past few months. Then from there on out, I intend to post here regularly with both shiny new completed artwork and the occasional WIP to demonstrate my process.

Let's begin with a speed painting.

3 hours, Paint Tool SAI. Commission.