Friday, May 10, 2013

Fast Fridays are best Fridays.

Further into this commission. 7 hours so far.

And further into this commission too! Detailed the left front rubble pile to match the rendering of the right, started in on one of the characters. Ordinarily I work have sketched them all out together but the commissioner wants me to work on them one at a time. :) 12 hours total so far.

Quick color commission of a steampunk flavored chakat named Widget.

Today I held a "Fast Friday" stream and took live on-the-spot speedpaints! This one was 2 hours. The character's name is "Soren the Wandering Wizard".

1 hour. Birthday cat!

1 hour. Succubi cat critter.

2 hours. Commissioner provided me with a photo reference of their family dog to look at for this one, and intended it as a Mother's Day gift for their mom yes. :)

Today beginnings a three month long sketch bet. Today I did grumpy komodo dragons. 20 minutes.

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