Friday, February 1, 2013

I spend my days doing nothing but making art.

It feels like late night art posting time.

First, a few selections from that ongoing art challenge. Here's a worm's eye view of a tree. One hour.

And here's a still life of unusual objects. Mostly I had the song "Bad to the Bone" stuck in my head and couldn't pass up the opportunity for a terrible pun. I debated with myself briefly about whether or not to share this one here, but eh. I'm an artist, I'll own up to doing ridiculous things. I fancy how it turned out. Hour and a half, Paint Tool SAI.

Ted, my demon built from the results of a random character generator, makes a reappearance. Poor, misunderstood Ted. He really dislikes cute things, because they get hugs and he does not. Particularly teddy bears, what with their names so close to his as added insult. Everybody needs hugs. Even demons.

Most recent challenge was a 5-7 panel comic page. Based directly on a thing my cat really did the other day. He's never climbed on that book shelf before, but as soon as I put his brush up there, he climbed up, knocked it down, and stood by it meowing for brushings. He is the cutest.

So yeah. That's been entertaining. Have also done lots of perspective studies and derp speedpaints, refer to the challenge blog itself for all the things I suppose. I post my art to two galleries and multiple blogs, but none of them ever all contain the exact same things. Also I feel a bit big-headed saying that just now but I guess throwing my art all over the place is just good business or professional or something.

Sharing a random selection of commissions time! Have a stagtaur. I've gotten to do a few taurs lately that were departures from the usual cattaurs/chakats people tend to pay me for. Including skunktaurs.

Nude pinup commission for a hyena/maned wolf kind of dude. 6 hours.

Snow leopard taking a tiny fox out for a run. Refined sketch commission.

Commission in which I had the delightful opportunity to paint a modified Defiant-class starship. Close to 16 hours, only charged customer around 12 because this was a learning experience and I had to do a lot of fiddling.

Now, how about some work-in-progress things, I should put those on this blog more.

Still far from done. Fan art I perpetrated in the name of the challenge (I had to do an action scene that day) which is far from actually done. I'd love to put more time into this. It's depicting a scene from Cold Days, a Dresden Files novel by Jim Butcher. Expect more Dresden artwork in the future, I have an itch to use his gloriously described epic moments as guinea pigs for all kinds of painting/composition practice.

And a super fresh WIP set. Here's one hour into a commission from tonight.

And here's two hours into it! Familiar subjects can go really fast sometimes. I sure do draw a lot of animal people.

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