Saturday, February 9, 2013

Getting better about updating this regularly.

Exercises! Had to draw an animal I never had before x10. Such a silly little plover. I love that its face appears to sport a lemon peel fashioned into a masquerade mask and its got little awkward candy corn thumbs on its wings. Nature is glorious.

Feet because they are awkward mutant hands and I am bad at them.

This is my coffee machine as a dude. Mr. Coffee AKA Mr. Automatic Drip. He's one of my best friends in the morning okay.

Finished this commission! Only 5 hours total in the end, but it was one requested to be done live so I had to catch the commissioner online and such. Colorsss.

Obligatory inclusion of a quick color commission and extra limbs, ahaha. Also fluff.

Doodle. I am trying to actually use textured brushes more often in my digital art, in an effort to just go with having accidentally become a digital illustrator.

And now for some work-in-progress things, because I always feel like I have a million billion of them, and have decided to share them more often!

Heavy inking practice on a wizard and a polka-loving medical examiner riding a zombie dinosaur through Chicago. If you don't know why I drew this you should probably read the Dresden Files because they are of quality. I'll finish this soon.

This is a big group commission I've been working on forever. I poke it and poke it and eventually it will be done. So many characters.

7 hours into a commissioned painting, probably only a few more to go to finish this one up.

2 hours into an aborted commission. But this is apparently what infrared light looks like to cameras, which is kind of neat to know!

The commission the fellow from the previous decided to have done instead, 5 hours into it. I'm glad because I really am enjoying this one.

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