Thursday, December 20, 2012

Art Blog: Holy Cumberbunds it's The Holiday Season or Something Edition

Whoa dang that is simply too many limbs I am not sure I can math that high, please send help. Group sketch commission.

Colored sketch commission of costume swap shenanigans, one of many similar things. Kind of. I mean, there was one holiday colored sketch where a chakat was wearing power armor or something, that was a bit of a variation. But always a tree. Always. Even then.

Look it's another color ske--

PSYCHE. That was just one hour into a painting. Here it is another five hours later! I really enjoyed working on this piece because I had the opportunity to experiment with new lighting techniques and approaches to digital speed painting. I need to determine a means of encouraging commissioners to purchase paintings more frequently, I definitely prefer them.

Also interesting to note: this particular commissioner purchased a very similar piece from me almost exactly a year previously. This right here makes me immeasurably happy, because when I get to see direct indications of my progress as an artist I feel this past year spent surviving freelance has been worth it. Both paintings spanned a duration of approximately six hours.

Holiday icons of the matching couple-y variety! This is just a still compilation, but in the individual .gif versions the snow drifts down in the first set and the light of the ornaments flickers in the last set, because, uh... I have to use my BFA in Animation for something. Wow let's not think about that too extensively actually. Moving on!

To dispense with the Christmas trees for a minute, here's a doodle of Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, because the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher earned my adoration over the course of months past. I am nearly caught up! Just have to finish Ghost Stories and tackle Cold Days.


At any rate the holidays are pretty neat because of all the business, thank you fine people of the internet for continuing to pay me to loaf in front of my computer and draw stuff. I have come to accept and often even enjoy this. I don't even have to put a shirt on. I am a responsible adult and I can eat ego waffles for dinner if I want. (But then my boyfriend gets home and decides to spontaneously cook me a real dinner while I am so engrossed in making art that I am not paying attention and feeds it to me. Bless.)

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