Saturday, October 27, 2012

Long time no blog.

I neglected updating this blog awhile, so it's time for a smattering of recent artwork!

My most recent painting commission. 16 hours, Paint Tool SAI.

An amusing little speedpaint commission. Tiny chakats! About 4 hours.

One of my most popular commission types continues to be my soft colored sketches... this one was a birthday present to the fellow who created the concept of chakats, paid for by a bunch of different people.

Another random colored sketch. I've done over twenty of them since I last posted, ahaha. But this one contains a spider and spiders are adorable. DO NOT DENY THIS SIMPLE TRUTH.

Icons are another commission type I fill repeatedly. Here are four from a recent batch of fifteen.

Sometimes I do design work! The commissioner is having these made into embroidered patches.

Here's a painting of a rather muddy fox. I don't recall how many hours went into this commission. Some but not all.

To conclude this post with some personal work, here's a doodle of a me-shaped beast and a boyfriend-as-catloaf.

And a cel shaded cute thing I drew for my bffsy.

So that gives you all an idea of what I've been up to. Mostly illustrating furries, yes. They may seem silly but it's fun and doing so pays all my bills! Furries are the top secret awesometastic survival resource for recent art graduates everywhere. Shh, don't tell the other freelancers.

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