Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Welp, today the world recognizes me as being a year older than I have ever been (and now I'm even older, and now I'm even older, and now I'm older still). As a birthday present to myself I decided not to do any commission work today, and to instead doodle and paint whatever I feel like to my heart's content, something I do not manage very often.

I created a new canvas of arbitrary dimensions in Paint Tool SAI and went at it for several hours - the result thus far appears to me my cat, my boyfriend and I as our patron trolls, ponies, and wolves. And a sunrise. I flipping adore painting sunrises/sunsets/anything involving dramatic lighting and clouds. Or dramatic lighting in outdoor scenes in general. So. Relaxing. This was a fantastic plan. So much fun!

Now for a little sleep! Then I shall have another go at a fresh canvas awhile, until the boy gets off work. After that he intends to cook me dinner, because he is simply the best there is. Also we may go to Toys R Us and roll around in small plastic ponies, followed by going to Legions to roll around in Magic cards. Because other than baking yourself a cake for no specific occasion and proceeding to treat it as a week's work of breakfast food, that is what adulthood is all about. Clearly.

Best birthday conceivable? Seems likely.

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